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Launching of the site

20.11.2011 22:00

We take this opportunity to congratulate all with the opening of the fan-site which is dedicated to the people who aren’t indifferent to the creativity of German Group – Schiller.

Now the world of Schiller music has become more accessible. You have a possibility to get yourself into atmosphere of harmonic combination of electronic music, dancing rhythms and relaxing trance melodies.

Close your eyes and the music will bring you to the mysterious world of cosmic sounds, or you may feel a breathing of generations that are flowing in your veins. You and music! The music is everywhere - it drives your thoughts, pushes you to accomplishments. The say that music is eternal and we respond YES, it is destined to be eternal.  The same feelings appear when talking about Schiller music. Such music, combining various styles, doesn’t leave anyone indifferent.

This site is created by the fans of Schiller Group. It opens up new perspectives in front of you and you can become a part of this project, e.g. write news or download photos from the last concert. Also this site offers you a unique opportunity to communicate and organize meetings with fans, go through fresh information about the concert programme of the Group and read about its routine life. You’re guaranteed with bright impressions!

Stay with us on the same wave – in the rhythm of Schiller music.