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The idea of this website

20.08.2011 22:00

Dear funs of Schiller and visitors of this site!

We, the team of altruists and funs of Schiller’s music, welcome you!

Why altruists? It’s because this site is developed by the people who are long-lasting funs of the above-mentioned group. This site initially intended to unite kindred people who speak the same language – the language of music. That’s why this project is different from many other projects. So, we have created this website to be able to communicate with Schiller’s funs but not for commercial purposes.

Those, who took part in the development of this site, live in different cities of our beautiful country – Ukraine. We have families, work duties and, as you understand, we needed time (not much time as we desired) to create this site in order to make it look attractive and user friendly by the time we launch it. We believe that it will enable to announce about ourselves if not to the whole world, but, at least, to the whole Ukraine and then, maybe…

You can, of course, say “what unrealistic ambitions these guys have”. Well, dear friends, there are no ambitions and personal profits, if only not considering the fact that we want to be closer to our idol. And in the process of work on this site we have become closer. What we mean here is that just several people got acquainted in Internet (the era of high technologies), exchanged information as to the nearest concert tours of Schiller and all efforts were cast to obtaining lucky tickets and travelling to Russia to take pleasure of favorite music. After, it became clear that we didn’t have to rush anywhere as Schiller was coming to Kiev, giving two-day concert. Such great news! Another pleasant and unexpected news for funs was that Christopher von Deylen planned an autograph session in our beloved Kiev-city. Just during this event we all met and decided to develop the website to make the detailed information more accessible. Our decision and desire regarding the website development was influenced by the reaction to the idea of Christopher von Deylen himself and Schiller Group Director - Peer Jalowietzki. It turned out to be that they both were thinking of developing an International website that became our aim for the near future. For the time being this site is in Russian and English, however we’ll progress in other languages. We know that Schiller funs live not only in Ukraine but in the whole world. So why not communicating on-line?

We, by no means, aspire to the role of the most successful project of the year - though it would be great! The matter is that each of us can contribute to the project so that we could be closer to each other. And if someone during Schiller concert tells you, for example, that that guy among the crowd in black shirt was drafting the site and the girl with funny platted hair dressed in jeans near the stage was one of the site designer and another girl who was writing texts for the site while her husband was sleeping beside…you will not pay attention as we are ordinary people who wanted to thank Christopher von Deylen and the whole Schiller group that way.

Schiller Group Director personally assured us in any support to the project. All this time we were communicating and worked jointly on the site, having received an abyss of positive emotions. In future we will saturate the site with various news and useful information and we’ll keep you abreast of Schiller’s life.

You can become a part of our team and we’d be glad to bring to our group of enthusiast those who think the way we do and ready to make his/her own contribution to the site development.

Thank you for reading this. We hope that the information will be interesting for you.


Schiller Fun Site Team.